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Posters who disappeared Lukasz Klis Magdalena Straczynska Sebastian Kubica Tomasz Jedrzejko Marcin Urbanczyk

Posters who disappeared

Łukasz Kliś, Sebastian Kubica,
Tomasz Jędrzejko, Marcin Urbańczyk, Magdalena Strączyńska

Exhibition opening:

14. January, 7 pm
Exhibition until 29. February 2012

Exhibition poster: Magdalena Strączyńska

The Posters that went missing

Over time, these rejected works build up to a little collection. Added to that, there are those posters we never even sent in the first place (amongst others because of aforementioned lack of...'). Why are poster exhibitions organised? The poster is disappearing, or has almost disappeared from the streets. You can find posters almost exclusively in galleries (and not of the shopping kind). Therefore an art gallery is the only place where the poster still lives, albeit only for a moment. Because a poster lives only through interaction with its audience, the more the better. Posters that disappear are not posters doomed to be lost, since they can get to spend a few moments in a gallery, face to face with its audience.

It happens, more often than you would think, that we send posters to reviews and competitions, but their juries do not value our submissions. This is nothing to get upset about, they are only posters, after all. Moreover, a jury may sometimes even be right to reject some works and secondly - the jury often lacks the depth of knowledge to give them the consideration they deserve. However the case may be, it will not do to despair or throw tantrums.


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