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Ryszard Kajzer Poster Art

Ryszard Kajzer Posters

Ryszard Kajzer


06. July, 7 pm
Exhibition until 31. July 2013


Ryszard Kajzer

is primarily known for his poster art, book projects and illustrations. Prize winner of many competitions, is a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Works in collections at museums and galleries including Berlin, Budapest, Essen, Hong Kong, Lahti, Mexico, Mons, Paris, Toyama, Trnava and Warsaw. www.zerkajstudio.pl

“Poster Joy”
Barbara Bogucka, Gallery of Poster and Design National Museum in Poznań

“Thank You Ryszard Kajzer for being the sleuth in tracing the fun with letters of Yours Truly / signed below”
Henryk Tomaszewski

“Ryszard Kajzer is one of those artists for whom the magic of the letter and graphical sign has become a creative passion. He imbues this magic with a poetry derived from the Polish traditions of the graphic arts, typography, illustration and, of course, the poster. He has a wonderful sense of figurative and transposable associations, allusion, double meanings and how to avoid all conventions of standardization and unification. He is outstanding at enabling the viewer to relate to a narrative without having to duplicate the written word with a visual image. Many of his works exhibit a superb sense of the essence of Polish folk art: its simplicity, lack of pretentiousness, humor and warmth.”
Lech Majewski

“The work of Ryszard Kajzer is the quintessence of the art of the poster, embodying synthesis and precision. Unsullied by formal stricture, his posters integrate a freedom of form with an iron logic of structure to form the author’s individual graphical language.”
Władysław Pluta

“The posters of Ryszard Kajzer jumpstart my imagination and bring forth surprising connotations and titillating invitations. It is in this newness wherein lies the strength and attractiveness of each poster.”
Władysław Seratowski

“Your visual language is rapacious (adequate to the new ways of communication), mirrored even by the name you have given it, „designattack”, posting permitted.”
Szymon Bojko

“Ryszard Kajzer of the Polish Poster! Intrepid Trapper of Trophies. Discernable at First Glance. A Glimpse is all that is needed. Bravo!”
Mieczysław Wasilewski


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