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Polish opera poster Canvassers of metaphors

Canvassers of metaphors

Józef Hołard, Łukasz Kliś,
Sebastian Kubica, Marcin Urbańczyk


06. February, 7 pm
Exhibition until 28. February 2014

Exhibition poster:
Józef Hołard

Canvassers of metaphors

Several important issues connect us. We work together - we are engaged in a workplace (Department of Graphic Design, Art Institute, Faculty of Arts in Cieszyn at the Silesian University in Katowice). Together we communicate about graphic design, and especially - about the poster. All four of us design posters. Each one of us does it differently, but we all use metaphors as a way of unobtrusive visual communication.

We do not use the same metaphors, although sometimes we use similar ones. Metaphors are like condoms: four people cannot use one ... I mean - you could, but unsuccessfully. And one more thing - we are constantly on the road. We – canvass metaphors.
Łukasz Kliś


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