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Inspiration Pigasus 10.-29.11.2012| Curator: Prof. Leszek Żebrowski

Opening: 10. November 2012, 7 pm

Posters by students from the Szczecin Academy of Arts: Wystawa plakatów studentów Akademii Sztuk w Szczecinie: Zuzanna Bukała, Alicja Chudzik, Małgorzata Jaskólska, Magda Karczewska, Patrycja Kordowska, Magda Krysiak, Paulina Majchrowicz, Tomasz Marcinkiewicz, Stephanie Göde, Grzegorz Piaseczny, Emily Pony, Radek Romanowski, Karol Ronowicz, Łukasz Szpatowicz, Paweł Tokarski, Hanna Wysocka, Marta Ziółkowska, Robert Żak

"The Art Academy in Szczecin is the newest Polish art school with an innovative profile. It educates future musicians and visual artists. The poster has a special place in its curriculum. Artists with a record of exceptional output are among the professors who lecture at the academy, e.g. Grzegorz Marszalek, LEX Drewinski, Leszek Zebrowski.

The posters presented at the exhibition are the work of second and fourth year students from the workshop of Leszek Zebrowski, who promotes the Pigasus Gallery. After a turbulent discussion the organizers have chosen one poster that will go to print. It was made by Zuzanna Bukala. Congratulations!
For some participants it is the first exhibition in their lives, but surely not the last one. We will hear of their work in the future."
Leszek Zebrowski, (translation: Marcin Piekoszewski)


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